Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you get your plastic for Recycling?


 Our plastic comes from coordinated post consumer and post industrial collection, sorting and cleaning programs sponsored by municipalities and/or plastic producers

Where do you sell your products?

  • Bunker blenders, Bunker physicals who fuel ships, and bunker traders looking for  premium low sulfur blend stock
  • Plastic producers who want to buy  raw material  that can be traced by mass balance to plastic they provided to us to account for recover of  their post use plastic
  • Buyers needing asphalt and carbon black

How do you mechanically recycle Plastic?

We have partnering agreements with every  provider, and depending on the type and form of the plastic, we process it  to  provide consistent size and density for our chemical recycling process

How do you chemically recycle plastic?

We use New Hope Energy's patented vessels that efficiently use pyrolysis and other steps to de-polymerize the plastic, turning it to gas, and then  it back into liquid fractions, depending on what we are producing.

How does your business fit into a circular economy?

We are a vital link in the circular economy, Since there are some plastics that cannot be recycled except by chemical recycling

Are you a recycling company or an oil refinery?

We have been given guidance by TCEQ to file NOIs as a Recycler. There are very little air emissions from our process.